Mementos from our hearts

Our children – and some adults – created these little mementos for you to keep as decorations for Easter/Christmas or any other festival - or whatever you like them to be! 


The ribbons represent speaking out

 against violence and child abuse.


The butterfly is our Justice for Children symbol - freedom!


We hope that these will act as reminders that there are

real children

who need a real voice

and a real choice

 when family relationships break down.


Loving, creative, thoughtful children who are being mistreated, ignored and abused by the Family Law system.  These are  people - not chattels!  Not cases!


The stars (not shown here) represent children who are now dead because of unsafe decisions made under the laws that should have protected them.


You can order them from us to help with our costs - or make them yourself and give them away to raise consciousness among your friends and acquaintances!